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Prior to October 7, 1897, Ss. Peter & Paul was attended as a mission by the resident pastor at New London. Before the year 1861 the Catholics residing in this vicinity were attended as a mission by pastors from Oshkosh and Appleton. In 1861, a frame church was erected (this building is still standing on the corner of Nash and Cedar St.) and from that time until 1870 the resident priest at New London made regular visits. From 1870-1879 the pastor from Greenville supplied the spiritual needs of approximately eighty families.

Our next church, which was located on the corner of Main & Olk St., was built in 1892 by Father Gasper who was stationed in New London. The new church was dedicated by Bishop Sebastian G. Messmaer of Green Bay on June 22, 1893. In 897 the parish was given its first resident priest, Father Joseph Hemmer, who built the first rectory in the spring of 1898. In 1928, a renovation and redecoration of the church was undertaken. Lighting fixtures were installed and other improvements and additions included the reconciliation room, carpeting, and front doors.

A school was built and dedicated in January 1905. The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, whose motherhouse is in Manitowoc, staffed the school until 1907. When they withdrew, a lay woman, Laura Klein, took over the management of the school until the Sisters of St Agnes of Fond du Lac took charge of students numbering between 50 and 70 in 1908. At this time the convent was attached to the school. By 1953 it was necessary for the new convent (currently the parish office) to be build thus allowing for larger space for an additional classroom. Additional land was purchased for a new eight room school and playground area in 1948, but groundbreaking didn’t occur until June 5, 1964. Construction work began immediately and was completed a year later on June 6, 1965, the day of dedication. After ninety-seven years of Catholic education at Ss. Peter and Paul Parish, a decision was made in 2002 to create a partnership with St. Mary’s School in Greenville, where children from our parish now attend.

In 1989 a decision was made to raze the old rectory which was built in 1898. The cost of repair was the deciding factor. The parish built a new rectory on church property at 108 E. Cedar Street. The house was first occupied by Father Dennis Bergsbaken in the summer of 1991. A vote was taken and the decision was made to build a new church. A kick-off dinner was held on March 1, 1997, to begin the first phase of fundraising. After a few set backs, it was decided to build the church on the area located behind the school. Our beautiful new church was dedicated by Bishop David A. Zubik of the Diocese of Green Bay on June 6, 2004.

After 106 years of having a resident priest at Ss. Peter and Paul, Sister Mary Jo Kirt was assigned to our parish as Parish Director in November of 2003. Msgr. James Feely was appointed the parish’s sacramental minister. Father Jim served our parish, along with Greg Layton who was appointed parish director in May of 2008. Father Jim served our parish for 14 years, celebrating his last Mass as our Priest Celebrant on June 11th 2017.  In July 2017, Father Jim Jugenheimer and Father Adam Bradley were appointed and currently serve as our Priest Celebrant's. Our parish currently serves approximately 550 families.

Priests of our Parish:

1897...Father Joseph Hemmer 1958...Father Leo Przybyliski
1898...Father Henry Ehr 1972...Father Lyle Danen
1902...Father Aloysius Brunner 1974...Father Paul Vanden Hogen
1905...Father Joseph Schroeder 1985...Father Dennis Bergsbaken
1906...Father J Kommers 1997...Father Thomas Pomeroy
1923...Father Theo. Kolbe 1999...Father David Funk
1938...Father A. J. Quella 2002...Father Thomas Akpen
1947...Father Nicholas Diedreich 2003...Father James Feely
1957...Father Jaroslor Polc

 2017...Father Jim Jugenheimer

           Father Adam Bradley

Parish Directors

2003...Sister Mary Jo Kirt
2008...Mr. Greg Layton


Dear Fr. Jim,

 It’s always hard to say good-bye to those we love. We walk away thinking “When will I see him again?” or, “I miss her already!”  There are often tears, hugs, frantic waving, and sadness, but there is also joy. Joy that comes from the love you feel for one another and all the fond memories you hold in your heart. And the joy of anticipating when you will next be together.

 That’s how this feels … this saying good-bye to you.  We are sad; we will miss you dearly.  We will miss your profound homilies, your sense of humor, your book recommendations, your Ron Rolhiser references, your warm smiles, your familiar greetings, your smooth walk, your gentle spirit, your compassionate ear, and your love – your love for us, for the Church and for Jesus Christ.We will remember how you’ve shepherded us over the years through good times and bad; how you were present to us in the sacraments as you baptized us, married us, shared the Eucharist with us, listened to our confessions, and cared for us in sickness and trials. We will remember your loving hand raised over us in blessing as we journeyed through our faith. We will miss you as we continue on this journey.

 Your prayers and your blessings have enriched our lives and preserved us in ways we cannot imagine.  Thank you for always keeping us in your prayers and know that you will always be in ours.  Thank you for always challenging us to grow in our faith; to make Jesus Christ our very lives, to ‘pray without ceasing’. Thank you for setting an example for us to follow and for reminding us that above all things, Jesus loves us, is waiting for us, and is always present to us.  Your knowledge and love of the scriptures has been a constant source of strength and encouragement.

 We appreciate your dedication and service to us. Thank you for washing our feet, figuratively and literally. Thank you for lighting and fanning the fire of faith in us.  Thank you for standing “in persona Christi” as you ministered to us in the name Jesus Christ. You may never know all you have done for us, individually and as a church body, but the roots of your teaching and your love run deep in us.  Thank you!

 So now, we say good-bye. And we are sad because we will miss you. But we are joyful because we hold such dear, sweet memories of you in our hearts. And we are joyful because we know that we will meet again. We are confident of Heaven and the life  of the world to come.  And if we don’t see you on the streets of Green Bay, we will see you on the streets of Glory.

 We wish you nothing but success and God speed in your continuing journey.


  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”                                       Jeremiah 29:11