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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a planning and advisory body that provides vision and direction in promoting the mission of the Parish. They assist the Pastor/Pastoral Leader in fostering the activity of the Parish.

Meetings The 3rd Thursday of every month
6:00pm(not during the summer)
Faith Formation Center

Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee is the financial leadership body that prayerfully studies the concepts of the gospel message on stewardship of prayer, service and generous sharing.  They assist the Pastor/Pastoral Leader in administrative affairs of the Parish.

Meetings The 3rd Wednesday of every
month 7:00pm (not during the summer)
Parish Offices

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for providing our Parish with opportunities in prayer, service and generous sharing that help our parishioners develop a stewardship lifestyle in which they recognize everything as gift from God and they choose to generously share their blessings with those around them so that Jesus Christ is glorified in and shared with the community.

Meetings Details to follow
Faith Formation Center

Worship & Spiritual Life Committee

The Worship & Spiritual Life Committee concerns itself with motivating meaningful worship and encouraging participation in sacramental life.  The shall be visionary people who develop a sensitivity and reverence for ritual, tradition, and free expression in the community.

Meetings The 2nd Thursday of every month
(not during the summer)
Faith Formation Center

Parish Education

The Parish Education Committee will assist individuals and families in attaining a level of Christian maturity and commitment needed to lead full Christian lives.

Mission Statement:  Knowing that God loves us, we will work to understand, practice, and share our Faith!!!

Meetings T.B.A
Faith Formation Center

Human Concerns Committee

The Christian Service & Social Justice Committee is involved in social action activities which promote justice, peace, equality and respect for the dignity of all human persons.  They offer opportunities to promote human dignity and want to work toward involovement of all parishioners in reaching out to our community and beyond.

Meetings The 2nd Thursday of every
month (not during summer)
Faith Formation Center

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee helps welcome new members into the Ss. Peter & Paul Parish Community


2nd Thursday of every month. 8:45 AM
Faith Formation Center

Members: Linda Madsen (Chair), Lynn Arendt, Jean Banker, Susan Geroux, Rose Gorski, Cathy Jack, Pat Luedtke, Carol Mennen, Mary Vanevenhoven

Building & Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee maintains the beauty and safety of our amazing place of worship. This committee is looking for adults who enjoy carpentry, painting, electrical, plumbling or gardening.

Meetings The 2nd Tuesday of every month
Faith Formation Center

Cemetery Board

The Cemetery Board oversees the parish cemetery operations.

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